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finally! everything has arrived for yoshi and he's gone from the cute little luka he was before
into the visual-kei (or emo OTL whichever you want to use ¬___¬) look he has now!

'Just because I look like I'm fourteen, or whatever, doesn't mean I am...'


hazel fail

so i found out today that i basically fail
day 35 is tomorrow. thats seven weeks.
my souldoll kanguk could be shipped
next week. seriously. thats 8 weeks. thats
how long it takes for a doll with faceup.
its so weird. aahh! he'll be here before
his hands. before his carrier. actually i
have no idea when thats going to get
here. ffs. stupid iplehouse. /hugs people


I need to post more. I actually have pictures of Yoshi that I need to upload
I'm still waiting on this Dollmore Go. I want him all properly dressed -___-
I'm hoping to take him to Newscastle-Upon-Tyne with me at the end of May
Will upload the pictures tomorrow, promise ^-^

long time, no update!

developements in the doll department

on order: souldoll kanguk
buying second hand: angelheim luka the pan
here now: mnm event head (faceup practice!)

I've decided my dolls will be part of a
Resin Asian Boybang group.
I have yet to decide if they will be a
Korean Boygroup
Japanese Boygroup.

The low down so far:
Kanguk = Hyun Dai Jin, Korean, 21, Lead Singer.
Luka = Yoshiro Anderson, 1/2 American & 1/2 Japanese, 17, Youngest member.
SOOM Kanoa = ???, ???, 19, ???
LUTS Karis = ???, ???, 20, ???
??? = ???, ???, 21, ???

I was thinking of giving Kanguk a wholesome but slightly bad-boy look
And then Yoshi would have more of a visual Kei/ emo look haha

Okay, I'll stop blabbing ^-^

P.S Yoshi's theme tune is LIPS by KAT-TUN. enjoy.